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Andrew Lycett

Andrew Lycett Author and Biographer, Press Photo

biographer and author

Published in Britain (hardback) by Weidenfeld & Nicolson (2007)

Published in Britain (paperback) by Phoenix (2008)

Published in the United States (hardback and paperback) by Free Press (2008)

Published in Italy by Excelsior 1881 (2011)


"splendid, evocatively illustrated biography" SUNDAY TELEGRAPH


"Comprehensive and authoritative, it is undoubtedly the best account of Doyle to date" SUNDAY TIMES


"Lycett excels at the troubled context of of Doyle's times, caught first on the cusp and then on the charge of change" -- Ross Leckie TIMES


"Packed with fascinating detail about Doyle's milieu, this engaging and perceptive account deserves to sell in vast quantities to the army of Holmes fans" -- Christopher Hirst INDEPENDENT


"In Andrew Lycett's hugely enjoyable new biography, the sheer breathtaking dynamism of the man shines through"  Philip Hoare, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH








Italian edition also available:

Conan Doyle. L'uomo che inventò Sherlock Holmes

Conan Doyle The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes

conan doyle
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