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Andrew Lycett

Andrew Lycett Author and Biographer, Press Photo

biographer and author

Published in Britain (hardback) by Weidenfeld & Nicolson (2003)

Published in Britain (paperback) by Phoenix (2004)

Published in the United States (hardback and paperback) by Overlook (2004)


'My biography of the year.......majestically thorough, readable and compassionate.' Jan Morris, The Times


'Remarkably good. Lycett's book - apart from being a gripping, unputdownable read - is a comprehensive guide to what made the man and his verse......Frankly, stunning. There is no other appropriate adjective.' Martin Booth, Literary Review


'This is the best biography of the poet I have ever read. Andrew Lycett has turned up plenty of scandalous new material about Thomas's private life....More importantly......he seems actually to like and understand Thomas's poems........All in all, this a book that no one interested in Dylan Thoimas can afford to be without.' Robert Nye, Scotsman


'A model of scholarly objectivity.....Lycett's definitive, revealing and painful biography reminds us all of the human cost of such art.' John Carey, Sunday Times


'Andrew Lycett's excellent new life, brutally clear in many places, though never short of compassion.' Angus Calder, Sunday Herald


'Lycett tells a familiar tale with energy and a sympathetic wit. He recreates Thomas's world in vivid colour........Both thorough and compelling. It also offers a genuinely new perspective......The great merit of Andrew Lycett's biography is that it is so pugnacious and ultimately effective in its ambition to restore Dylan Thomas  to his proper place as a great Welsh lyric poet in English.' Andrew Hussey, New Welsh Review


'Compelling......anecdote-rich book.' Duncan Hamilton, Yorkshire Post


'His portrait of Thoimas is sympathetic and supportive.......Particularly good on the complex and co-dependent relationship between Thomas and his wife, Caitlin........Lycett has produced an absorbing page-turner on the poet.'  

Vanessa Curtis, Herald

Dylan Thomas

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