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Andrew Lycett

Andrew Lycett Author and Biographer, Press Photo

biographer and author

Published in Britain (hardback) by I.B. Tauris (2010)


'Andrew Lycett has had the good idea of making a collection of Kipling s travel writing... [he] has compiled a very enjoyable anthology. There is scarcely a single piece that isn't worth reading. Kipling's keen observation and gift for illuminating phrase are everywhere apparent and book will be welcomed by aficionados' --Allan Massie, Literary Review


'This perfect bedside book collects the most descriptive and revealing of his travel writings...Kipling comes across as an engaging travel companion- thoughtful, curious and acute- and a writer perfectly able to evoke and crystallise the sights, sounds and spirit of a place' --Clover Stroud, Sunday Telegraph


'(Kipling) has a startling ability - generously represented in Andrew Lycett's selection - to bring to life the colour and texture and, if need be, the perfume of wherever he found himself.' Elizabeth Lowry Times Literary Supplement


'This excellent selection shows us once again, if we were in any doubt, that this man really could write.' Jad Adams Guardian

Kipling Abroad

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