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Andrew Lycett

Andrew Lycett Author and Biographer, Press Photo

biographer and author

TLS International Book on the Year  1999 (choice of Professor Terry Eagleton)


'Fascinating..... another valuable step along the road to restoring most of Kipling's art, and much of his character, to comply with today's more severe standards of respect.' Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday


'Magnificently thorough biography......magisterial study.' Terry Eagleton, Independent on Sunday


'Richly detailed....will still be read after the latest psycho-histories and literary deconstructions have deconstructed one another to bits.' Noel Malcolm, Sunday Telegraph


'Andrew Lycett's biography is very good.....especially good in his analysis of the marriage with Carrie.' Alan Massie, Daily Telegraph


'The best book on a misunderstood man for twenty years.....Excellent on Kipling's emotions.' Miranda Seymour, Sunday Times

Rudyard Kipling

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